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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Being a force for good in the world should be easier. But life can get busy, and the constant drumbeat of bad news can be dispiriting. So, too many of us end up sitting on the sidelines. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBS) is a non-profit organization that gives us all a way to jump back in and make a difference. BBBS' mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships for youth in need.   There is an overwhelming amount of kids who need support, and all we need is more people like you. People with Good to Give

The  Ask

Get people ages 30-65 who want to give back in a deeply personal way (particularly BIPOC men) to connect or reconnect with BBBSA by reigniting their desire to do good.


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BBBS  +  Starbucks 

For one day, whenever a customer buys a cup of coffee, the next customer gets theirs for free and with special Big Brothers Big Sisters gets a donation from Starbucks. We'll promote the event on-site with special "Good to Give" cups and aprons for the baristas, plus a table where customers can talk with Bigs/Littles about the program.

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LinkedIn Learning

We'll create a class focused on mentorship and how to unlock the good you have to give. The class will feature Bigs, Littles, influencers, and experts. They will share their personal experiences and teach lessons on how everyone has good to give.

Good to Give learning.PNG

Big and little Q+A Facebook Live

We’ll organize Facebook live events featuring current Bigs and Littles talking about their experiences and answering questions. A celebrity/ influencer host could keep things moving and encourage people to sign up with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

BBBS Facebook live.png

Good to Give Tik Tok  Challenge

We believe everyone has good to give, so let’s challenge people to share some of it on Tik Tok. We’ll ask them to share one thing important they learned in life or one story that makes everyone laugh or one bit of advice they wish they learned when they were young. Then they can tag someone else to share. Seeding content through BBBSA champions/influencers can help maximize its reach


Thank You: Laura Orozco and Jose Fernandez

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