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Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is a soft drink company that specializes in making premium, craft-brewed soft drinks. They are based in Bundaberg, Australia on the Queenland's Coast and are family-owned.

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30  Second  Spot


We created a new flavor of Bundaberg Brew called "Blue Matcha". The new flavor is based on the Blue Matcha tea that is popular amongst the aboriginal community in Bundaberg, Australia. All Bundaberg Blue Matcha Brew sales go towards the Aboriginal Australian Land Rights Initiative.

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To engage with our customers, we launched a social campaign that encouraged customers to suppoprt Aboriginal Australians by purchasing our new Blue Matcha Brew.

bundabergdrinks Post a picky with a Blue Matcha Bundie and we’ll donate a dollarydoo to support Land Rights of Indigenous Australians. Use the hashtag 
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Thank You:  Grant Tolsen 

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