Getting  to  Know ME

My name is Nikki -Aa’ishah. I’m an Afrikan-American Muslimah from Bmore. My goal in life is to change communities for the better. My passions are Islam, social justice, empowering Black people, bettering the lives of women, environmental activism, mental health, and wellness. I'm a strong believer in people over profits and I instill these values in all that I do. Also, I'm adventurous. So, If there is something I have never done before, and it seems fun, I’ll probably try it. I am a poet, a feminist, an artist, and an activist. I’m a tad bit ghetto,  very awkward, shy, and a little rough around the edges. I’m gonna be me no matter what because I refuse to live in a box.  That means I use labels very loosely. There is sooooo much more to me than this website can ever show.

To get to know the woman behind the niqab. Hit me up. Schedule a Meeting.           



Tel: 443.525.2755     

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